Has it ever occurred to you that every employee who works in a company has the opportunity to be laid off (terminated employment) or fired? Maybe at this time, you feel the activity works every day as usual. At the end of each month, you will get a certain amount of salary, along with bonuses that you might get. This certainty and ‘security’ will make you feel in your comfort zone. Sometimes being in a comfort zone makes you forget that every employee has the opportunity to be fired or get laid off. The result can be fatal, if something unexpected happens like this you might not be ready to face the situation.


For that, you must have preparation so that when things are not expected as that happens, you do not panic and can still finance your daily life. This is the point of having an emergency fund file for unemployment in Oklahoma. When you experience emergency things, there are costs that can be used immediately. Emergencies referred to here include if you suddenly lose a source of income that is usually used to finance everyday life. Emergency funds are expected to meet your needs until at least you can find a new job or source of income. This fund is very important because even if you suddenly lose your source of income, your stomach won’t stop asking for food right?


Luckily if your unemployment fund does not have obstacles in its realization, so you can meet your needs while you have not got a new job. What if the funds are not issued by the company for various reasons that you think are irrelevant. The solution is you can contact an unemployment lawyer.


What if you don’t have enough emergency funds and have already been laid off from the company? This condition is quite troublesome. To overcome this I suggest that you follow the following steps:


 1. Know the Amount of Money You Have

Even though you have been laid off and don’t have any more income in that month, you need to immediately ascertain how much money you have at this time. This is the amount of money that you can maximize to survive until you have a solution to get another source of income


2. Create a List of Debt and Receivables

After knowing how much money you have now, you also cannot forget the obligation to pay a debt. How many installments do you have to pay this month and the following months? That way, you can only find out the net amount of money that you can actually use. Do not let you neglect to pay obligations and are actually wrapped in debt interest which is very expensive.


3. Don’t be careless

If you have all the data, how much is the total net money that you can use, you can start to think carefully about what steps to take next. But before making a decision, make sure your heart and mind are calm first. Often when faced with urgent conditions, someone will panic. As a result, the decisions taken are full of emotions and unwise. Finally, the decision is not to make your already bad condition better, it makes it even worse.


4. Tell Your Family or Closest Relatives

Do not forget to give news to your family or closest relatives. If you feel embarrassed you don’t need to share the bad news with everyone. Enough to your family and closest relatives because they will certainly have empathy for you. Sometimes people who don’t know you well are not giving empathy but can say negative things that will discourage you. In these conditions, you do not need negative comments. Therefore, just tell the information to your family and closest relatives. Hopefully, the closest relatives can give you help.


5. Think Next Steps

If you already feel able to think calmly and get a variety of suggestions from your family or closest relatives, try to start thinking about what steps will continue next. You can immediately renew your CV and send it to various companies that open job openings. There are now many sites to apply for jobs that can make it easier for you to get a new job. This will save time and make it easy for you to access thousands of job openings in only one place that is easily accessible.



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