Having a successful corporation is certainly everyone’s desire. For that, when you start setting up yours, look for the best company registration in Slovenia. But this is not easy because building a successful corporation is not like putting your hands together.

Sometimes, someone takes the wrong step in managing it, so instead of being successful, it actually goes out of business. In addition, sometimes someone is pessimistic when the business he is building is not profitable. This can happen due to the lack of mature business strategy.

Thecompany registration in Sloveniais a process that requires several tasks which has to be done before opening it.

The data needed

  1. The Name of the organization
  2. The place and the position of the organization
  3. The Purpose and the Objectives
  4. The Capital Structure
  5. The organization Management

Make a Deed of the Company Registration in Sloveniaat Notary

The deed of the company registration in Slovenia can be done by any Notary as long as it has obtained the appointment license.

All Founders have to sign the Corporation Establishment Deed at the Notary. The Notary will also read out the contents of the Deed of company registration in Slovenia, and explain what the articles in the Deed mean.

At the time of signing the Deed for company registration in Slovenia, the Notary will also request several statement documents including the name, the complete address of the, the deposit of capital, and other documents.

Ratification of Company Registration in Slovenia

After the Corporation Establishment Deed was made, the Notary will submit the legal entity’s ratification of it to the Government. Then the Government will issue a Decree ratifying the Corporation is a legal entity so that the Company registration in Slovenia has been established as a legal entity recognized by the State.

After that, the organization is considered as a new legal subject, which has the rights and obligations inherent forever. One such obligation includes having a tax number and the obligation to report taxes.

As a legal entity, the Corporation has been able to enter into contracts with third parties and conduct other legal actions on behalf of it.

Manage Tax Number

A Tax Number is a number given to a taxpayer for the means of tax administration used for personal identification or the identity of a taxpayer in carrying out his tax rights and obligations.


Take care of business licenses

The purpose of establishing an organization is to carry out commercial activities or in other words doing business for profit. In carrying out these activities, each organization must have a business license. That is a permit to be able to perform its services.

Manage Registration Marks

Registration Mark is a list of official records held according to or based on the provisions of the law or the implementing regulations and contains matters that must be registered for each organization or agency and authorized by the authorized official.


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