Many factors make your product sell well in the market. Like brand names that are already popular, product quality, friendly service, discount promotions, and including attractive product packaging or packaging.


Product packaging is one part of branding. Packaging is important and must be considered by every online business. Trivial problems that are sometimes ignored on the grounds that the most important thing is to pay attention to product quality.


You must remember that branding is not half-done. Branding is your way to introduce the professionalism of your business, the quality of your products and services. You should start branding from the time of marketing until the product reaches the buyer.


Product quality can indeed make someone buy your product. However, if you don’t pay attention to the packaging when shipping, then consumers will lose interest in returning to shop at your place.


For example, you only wrap the product with wrapping paper and makeshift plastic, then send it to the buyer. Even expensive products will look normal if you don’t package them neatly and attractively like using boxes or boxes for shipping.


For this reason, here are some reasons why online stores must pay attention and want to invest in packaging design for ecommerce.


  1. Product Security

Providing shipping boxes for product packaging may add to the shipping costs. You can just bear it, or you charge it to the buyer. Just calculate the advantages and disadvantages. Especially for products that need special protection, you must use a shipping box to secure the product. For example, electronic or food items such as cakes. Such products need good packaging so they don’t get damaged on the way until they reach the buyer.


  1. Add Attractiveness

Pay attention to product packaging design. Don’t just choose the shipping box, but use a unique and creative design. Beautiful packaging will add to the attractiveness of the customer. There is a high likelihood that customers will keep your packing box because it is a pity if you throw it away.


  1. Giving Satisfaction

The buyer will feel really satisfied when the product reaches his hands as expected. That is the importance of using the shipping box for packaging so that the product remains in good condition, even the buyers are increasingly satisfied because the design of the product is noticed.


  1. Building Trust

Satisfied buyers will be happy when you request positive testimonials. You can share the testimonial to lure other customers. The buyer will also not hesitate to recommend your online store to someone else. Your online business is also increasingly trusted because it provides the best service.


  1. Making Differentiation

You might sell the same product with several other online stores. Well, good product packaging is one powerful way to make product differentiation, so that your product becomes more special and desirable than competitors.



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