It is unbalanced and unfair when educators apply punishments when learners make mistakes but do not reward them when they do the right thing. Like most people, learners also expect award as an appreciation of the results they achieve. Awards can increase students’ self-confidence and foster external motivation to further develop themselves.

 Practically, rewards can be interpreted as acts of respect or honor. Actually, reward is also a reward of reward, punishment. Of course, rewards are given as a form of appreciation for something good, while punishment is a response to something that is not good. Thus, custom awards is a way of rewarding someone for doing the right thing, so the person receiving the reward is more enthusiastic about doing the right thing. In relation to learners, awareness also means a skill in giving a positive response to the behavior of learners as a reinforcement for positive behavior can happen again.

Form award plaques

In practice, awards can be given in several forms, including:

  1. Verbal. Verbal rewards refer to a spontaneous act of praise for the achievements of learners.
  2. Nonverbal. Can be a symbol or movement of limbs of educators at the time of seeing the positive behavior of learners. For example, showing your thumb or thumb, tapping the learner’s shoulder, applause, etc. Can also be written on the learner’s worksheet. And also in the form of giving objects, such as star pin, necklace appreciation, and so forth. There is also a special award, the award given as improvisation of awards, for example by providing opportunities for learners to do other things if successful achieve something first in advance of his friends.

In general, awards can be given in several ways, among them  personalized plaques

We know, personalized plaques is an act of expressing approval or admiration. Praise can increase self-esteem, independence, interest in learning, and learning achievement of learners. Personalized plaques  is the easiest to do award.