Sales and marketing represent significant challenges to modern businesses. Technology changes, overhead costs increase, and recruiting quality inside sales/marketing personnel remains a steep hurdle for many business operations.

In order to improve profitability and efficiency, many companies choose to outsource their sales and marketing to external agencies. There are many advantages to this outsourcing model, each improving the overall performance of the organization and allowing companies to focus on what they do best: producing the best products and services available in a given market.

Why Outsource Sales and Marketing?

There are many reasons why more and more companies are outsourcing their sales and marketing work to specialized agencies. Primarily, this outsourcing is a strategic partnership, helping to improve operational efficiency by handing the complex nature of inside sales, telesales, and/or marketing initiatives to professional sales/marketing agencies. Another reason is based on a simple fact: sales and marketing are highly specialized, requiring extensive knowledge of market research metrics, Web technologies, and results-driven approaches to building business. Why struggle with adding these competencies to your employees’ workload when outsourcing sales agencies are ready to help? With the right B2B sales and marketing partner, your organization can stay laser-focused on what it does best.

Benefits of Outsourcing B2B Sales and Telemarketing

Measurable benefits are a hallmark of outsourcing sales and marketing duties to a professional agency like SalesFish, which enjoys a nationwide reach and industry-leading performance. Some of the many benefits of B2B sales and telemarketing outsourcing include:

        Lower cost per sale.

        Quicker time to market for new products and services.

        Eliminating recruitment of experienced sales and marketing professionals.

        Reduction in human-resources costs and their associated personnel issues.

        Eliminating the need for specialized marketing/sales technologies needed in-house.

        Improved market penetration and sales results.

In many industries, sales and marketing are extremely complex. With expert help in the form of outsourced B2B marketing and sales agencies, you can erase the need for in-house staff to have extensive sales knowledge. The end result of outsourcing is a more efficient, more focused, and more effective company operation.

Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

While there are many sales and marketing agencies offering outsourcing services to businesses, not all are alike. In order to choose a strategic partner, it is critical to look at several aspects of an outsourcing B2B telesales and B2B telemarketing provider.

First, evaluate the companies the sales team has worked with in the past. If a given business is specialized with a unique market footprint, such as healthcare, technology, legal, or financial services, it can be beneficial to find a sales team that has extensive experience in that field.

Next, look at results. Capable sales and marketing agencies will share their results with potential new clients, illustrating their ability to improve return on investment and market penetration with concrete numbers. Any agency that is reluctant to share results may not have your business’s best interests in mind.

Finally, speak to prospective outsourcing sales and marketing agencies. The best firms, such as SalesFish, will be able to demonstrate their ability to tailor inside sales approaches to the unique needs and desires of a company. Every company is different, and each has certain goals it would like to achieve through sales and marketing efforts. An outsourcing provider that can achieve those goals not only saves money in sales costs, but it can open up new opportunities, allowing companies to flourish in even highly-competitive markets.


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